SeaFlux Global Data

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The SeaFlux product is three-hourly (averaged from 0000-0300Z, 0300-0600Z, 0600-0900Z, etc.). The SST however, is hourly, and the dSST is one value per day. All variables are currently available from January 1, 1998 through December 31, 2007. The product is currently analyzed on a 1/4-degree equal-angle grid and covers the global, ice-free oceans. The DVSST product associated with SeaFlux is 1-hourly with the same spatial coverage and resolution. The SST used in the surface flux computations is an average SST around the valid time of each 3 hourly period. For example, the 0130Z surface fluxes utilize the average SST from 1Z and 2Z for that day.

Available data in the SeaFlux Version 1.0 product include:
Latent Heat Flux
Sensible Heat Flux
Near-Surface Temperature
Near-Surface Specific Humidity
Wind Speed
Sea Surface Temperature
Diurnal Sea Surface Temperature

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