• GEWEX/ESA Meeting & SeaFlux Written on 2015/03/27 by Alec Bogdanoff
    We will be holding a session dedicated to review current progress at estimating ocean and continental surface heat fluxes at the coming GEWEX/ESA Earth Observation for Water Cycle Science 2015 conference (20th-23rd October 2015, ESA-ESRIN, Italy). As most of you know, the GEWEX Data and Assessments Panel (GDAP) is currently running the initiatives SeaFlux and LandFlux aiming at deriving global surface heat flux products that can be used together with the remaining GDAP satellite products to allo …
  • SeaFlux Workshop 6 Written on 2013/02/14 by Carol Anne Clayson

    The 6th SeaFlux workshop will be held this September in conjunction with the combined EUMETSAT/AMS Satellite Conference in Vienna, Austria. Deadline for abstracts for the EUMETSAT/AMS conference is February 18th. See more details under the Workshop tab.

  • Swath-Level Gridded Qa & Ta Now Available! Written on 2012/04/11 by Alec Bogdanoff

    Swath-level gridded data (Level 3) are now available for near-surface variables. For more information, please visit our Level 3 Component page.

  • Monthly Averages Now Available. Written on 2012/02/21 by bgreenwood

    Monthly averages are now available for many variables. For more information, please visit our Monthly Averages page.

  • New SeaFlux Website Live! Written on 2012/02/07 by bgreenwood

    The new SeaFlux website is now officially live! We will be updating the website over the next couple weeks, however. Please email us with comments, questions, and corrections at

  • Data Repository is now live! Written on 2012/01/23 by Alec Bogdanoff

    The SeaFlux data repository is now live. There is limited data available, but we will be updating the repository constantly over the next week. Please email us at if the data you need is not available.

  • is live! Written on 2012/01/21 by Alec Bogdanoff

    The new site is now beta-live. Please be patient as we grow our site to provide you with the most information possible. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please email