• Is it possible to just get a time series at one point?
    – Answered by Alec Bogdanoff

    Yes. If you contact us via email, we can pull a time series of the closest grid point to a particular location, and provide the data you need.

    This way, you don’t have to download all the data to just get one time series. We are also happy to provide scripts to pull a time series of data if you have already downloaded the SeaFlux data.

  • Do you all have an IDL read?
    – Answered by Alec Bogdanoff

    We do not have an IDL read directly available however, one of our users kindly sent along some of their IDL code.

    data = intarr(1440,720,24) ; or (1440,720,8) for 3-hourly data
    openr, 10, filename
    readu, 10, data
    close, 10

    sst = data/100.

    miss = where(sst EQ -99.9)
    sst[miss] = !values.f_nan

  • Where is the lat/lon value valid?
    – Answered by Alec Bogdanoff

    The value is for the center of a grid box.

  • What exactly is the Level 3 data?
    – Answered by Alec Bogdanoff

    The Level 3 data is gridded swath-level data. This means that the retrievals are averaged into quarter-degree grid boxes. If there is not a retrieval within a quarter-degree box, then there is no data in a Level 3 product. You will see clear swaths in this data. This data is meant for users who only want retrieved values that have not been processed more than gridding.